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Impact Crusher

  • Thursday, 15 June 2023
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Impact Crusher

Brief Introduction


Widely used in mining, sand and gravel, water conservancy and hydropower, highway, railway, chemical industry, building materials and other industries in the crushing and plastic.



Working Principle:

The machine is a kind of crushing equipment which can use the impact energy to break the material. When the material enters the plate hammer function area, high-speed impact plate hammer the broken material constantly ran to the impact device above the rotor plate, then bounced back plate hammer area again is back again from the back lining material, from big to small in the crushing cavity repeated broken. Until the material is broken to the required size, the lower part of the machine is discharged.



Performance Characteristics:

The machine has a simple structure, no key connection, unique counter lining, high efficiency and energy saving, the product is cubic, the size of the particle size can be adjusted, the crushing process can be simplified, and the production cost can be saved.

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